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The latest in technological advances have increased the number of computer crimes occurring every year. Whether a the specific crime involves illicit materials or an internet scam, the Miami criminal attorney knows that while law enforcement officials are getting better at catching computer criminals, they also make a lot of mistakes in the process. If you or someone you know is being investigated for a computer crime or has already been arrested for one, contact the Miami criminal attorney today.

At the law offices of the Miami criminal attorney, we can represent any case of computer criminal activity such as:

Juvenile and Young Adult Criminal Attorney

In recent years, juveniles and young adults have increased in the number of convictions for computer crimes. Such acts as downloading music illegally or pirating movies are indeed illegal offenses that can destroy a young person’s reputation and future. These offenses do not usually merit more than a fine, but this fine can be astronomical in addition to any restitution owed.

Our Miami Criminal Lawyer will provide you with professional counseling.

In the instances of more illicit materials such as crimes involving child pornography, a conviction can result in state prison time as well as destroyed personal lives. The Miami criminal attorney will protect the rights of every client accused of such acts and ensure that they are treated fairly under the law.

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