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If someone calls 911 and accuses you of an act of domestic violence…chances are you’re going to jail. Even if the accusation has no validity whatsoever, law enforcement officials 99.999% of the time will arrest the accused offender and put them in jail.

If you or your loved one has been charged or arrested for domestic violence, the Miami criminal attorney can help.

Domestic violence is any act of assault on a dating partner, spouse, family member, or a person that one has children with. Remember that legally an “assault” can be a verbal threat. You never actually have to physically touch anyone to be arrested for and charged with domestic violence.

Acts of Domestic Violence

Any of the following criminal acts could be considered an act of domestic violence if they are committed against the aforementioned persons:

Consequences of Domestic Violence in Miami

Depending on the degree of violence of the crime, a domestic violence offender could be charged with a felony or a misdemeanor charge. The consequences of a domestic violence conviction vary from case to case, but can include:

In instances where a client is guilty of domestic violence, a rehabilitative treatment plan can be negotiated in lieu of jail time. If you are accused of domestic violence, contact the Miami criminal attorney today for an immediate consultation.