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The state of Florida treats juvenile offenders with different pretenses than adult criminals. But even though most juvenile crimes will never be tried in an adult court, they still face consequences for their actions. If your minor child is facing a DUI charge, contact the law office of the Miami criminal attorney to hear how we can help minimize the damage to your child’s future.

In Florida, drinking and driving is 100% prohibited for underage drivers, even if their BAC level is below .08%.

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In the state of Florida, most juvenile misdemeanor crimes result in a period of probation, a fine, and some hours of community service.  However juvenile DUI offenders will also have to face penalties from the DMV. If your child does not already have a driver’s license then they will likely have their ability to get one postponed.

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Being convicted of a crime can have a devastating effect on a juvenile’s future. The conviction will be on their record and can affect their chances at attending a good college and achieving gainful employment. If your minor is facing such high stakes, we can help.

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