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Embezzlement is the legal term for employee theft. It is the misuse of funds entrusted to an employee, most often through some sort of fraud. The state of Florida recognizes it as a theft crime and will prosecute it as such. If you have been accused of embezzlement, contact the law office of the Miami criminal attorney as soon as possible.

An act of embezzlement could be the charging of personal expenses onto a business credit card and the falsification of reports to cover up the act. Most embezzlement cases that wind up in court however, have to do with a business associate transferring official funds to personal accounts, either slowly over time, or in one large sum.

The truth in most cases of embezzlement is that if you have already been arrested, there is enough evidence to convict you. Any discrepancies in financial reports for instance, are not that difficult to prove, especially with the cooperation of the offender’s employer.

A Miami Criminal Attorney Can Assist you with your legal Issues

The biggest mistake clients make is attempting to fix whatever they have done and clear their own names without the help of an attorney. The more illegal moves you make are all the more evidence you provide for the prosecution.

If you believe that you may have accidentally committed the crime of embezzlement, speak to the Miami criminal attorney before doing anything else. It is not completely unheard of for an employee to make a mistake unintentionally. At the law office of the Miami criminal attorney, we will listen to your side of the story and incorporate any pertinent information to build the strongest defense. In many embezzlement cases, jail time can be exchanged for the returning of the money or property stolen. Even if you intentionally committed the crime of embezzlement, we can still help.

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