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Miami Probation Violations

Most sentences of probation are given in lieu of jail time. If you violate any of the terms of your probation, please believe that a Florida judge will have no mercy on your infraction against the freedom they already gave you. If you or your loved one has violated their probation, contact the Miami criminal attorney as soon as possible to avoid going to jail.

In the state of Florida, a probation violation could be:

Our Miami Criminal Lawyer Can Help You Stay Out of Jail

If your probation officer feels that you have violated your probation, he or she will make the court aware of your probation violation and a hearing date will be set. If you are arrested your probation officer will be notified and will meet you at the hearing. This hearing is your sole opportunity to present your case to the judge and keep yourself out of jail.

The Miami criminal attorney has many years of experience keeping clients out jail. Please understand that a probation violation is its own separate offense apart from your original crime. Appointing a skilled attorney could be the difference between freedom and a jail cell.

The Miami Criminal Attorney Will Come To Your Defense

The Miami criminal lawyer will negotiate for additional probation restrictions or jail alternatives, anything other than jail time for a client. By its very definition, probation is a good faith effort on the part of the court to let you serve “time” for your crime outside of a jail. If you accidentally violated your probation or if this is your first crime, the Miami criminal attorney may be able to garner some leniency. But even offenders with the most extensive criminal history deserve a shot at freedom.

If you have violated your probation, contact the law offices of the Miami criminal attorney today to begin your case.