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Miami Sex Crimes

If you or your loved one has been charged with a sex crime, please contact the defense firm of the Miami criminal attorney immediately.

Swift action is required in every criminal case, but especially in sex crimes cases. Just being accused of a sex crime can completely destroy a person’s life, especially if the allegations involve children or minors. Even if you know that you or your loved one is just being investigated as a suspect for a sex crime, it is in your best interest to seek out legal advice as soon as possible.

Florida state law recognizes many types of sexual misconduct. You could be charged with a sex crime for indecent exposure, prostitution, solicitation of a minor, rape, sexual assault, stalking, possession of child pornography, and much more. Even the seemingly innocent flirtation with a minor can prompt an arrest for a sex crime.

Our Miami Criminal Lawyer Provides Strong Defense Against Sex Crime Charges

Certain sex crimes are simple misdemeanors. Indecent exposure for instance, will probably result in no more than a probationary period and a moderate fine. However, more serious crimes such as child pornography and those crimes that include violent assault will be charged as a felony. A conviction will result in mandatory time in state prison. A sex crime conviction will also result in an offender being required to register in Florida’s sex offender registry.

A Miami Criminal Attorney Is Essential To Planning Your Legal Case

The price is high for a conviction of a sex crime. You could lose your social standing, your job, your family, everything. At the law offices of the Miami criminal attorney, we work aggressively to obtain the best possible results for each client that comes to us for help. Contact the law offices of the Miami criminal attorney today for an immediate consultation regarding your sex crimes case.