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Miami White Collar Crime Attorney

If you are involved in a white collar criminal case, contact the Miami criminal attorney before doing anything else. Many convictions for white collar crimes may not have happened had the offenders sought out legal advice from the very beginning.

White collar crime is the category for acts of financial misconduct by business, corporate, or government officials. White collar crimes are usually charged as theft crimes, and can be charged as felonies in both state and federal court.

The Miami criminal attorney defends all white collar crimes such as:

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Some people try to “clear” their own names and fix their problems themselves by working alone or attempting to cooperate with investigators. While you should be courteous if contacted by law enforcement, you should remain silent until retaining legal counsel. Attempting to fight wrongs yourself can oftentimes result in the exact opposite of the desired result and further dig up trouble.

A conviction for a white collar crime in the state of Florida could result in time served in jail or prison, tax audits, loss of professional licenses, huge fines, and many other punishments.

In every white collar case, a client’s professional reputation and freedom is at stake. If you have been arrested for a white collar crime or know that you are being investigated for one in the Miami area, contact the Miami criminal attorney today.