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If you or your loved one is facing a felony charge in the Miami area, contact the law office of the Miami criminal attorney today.

Florida state law breaks down felony charges into three different degrees: first, second, and third.

Our Miami Criminal Lawyer Is Here to Help You Address Your Legal Problems

Florida state law incorporates a very complicated scoring system to calculate mandatory prison time for certain felony offenses. Certain crimes such as drug trafficking, illegal firearms cases or assault of a law enforcement officer will result in mandatory jail sentences that are non-negotiable upon conviction.

At the law office of the Miami criminal attorney, our goal is to get our clients the best sentence possible. If you are facing a felony charge we will work every angle of your case to build the strongest defense. If any false accusation, negligence on the part of police officials, or corruption of evidence is uncovered, these mistakes will be taken to the judge immediately to lessen the degree of your charges or get them dropped all together.

In the cases where there is enough evidence to find a client guilty, the Miami criminal attorney will work hard to negotiate the amount of jail time. Certain non-violent felony convictions do not have to result in jail time, but jail alternative sentences.

If you are a facing a felony offense, appoint an attorney as soon as possible. Contact the law office of the Miami criminal attorney today to begin your case.